Define and Make CPFL a new Fluorescent Lamp standard world-wide.


Provide necessary resources to assist potential manufactories to reduce switching cost and mass-produce CPFL profitably.


Remain being as CPFL's Patent Licensing,  Technology,  Mass Production know-how and Turnkey solution Provider.


2007 01 Acquiring ceramic electrode technology.
2007 01 Re-naming the technology as CPFL.
2007 03 Contacting Interested Parties WP Co. and CE Co. in Taiwan .
2007 10 Initiating CPFL Projects in WP Co. and CE Co.
2007 11 Company Registration in Samoa, OBU in DBS HK.
2007 12 Concluding authorization contract with WP Co. for production and sales of CPFL, and installed a pilot production line at WP Co.
2007 12 Showcasing CPFL at Taipei’s Intl. Furniture and Illumination Show.
2008 12 Signing NDAs with a number of perspective manufacturers.
2008 05 Concluding co-own patent contracts with the Inova Co. to secure possession of those patent rights and the exclusive global marketing right of those patents.
2008 08 Obtained CPFL patent in Korea and beginning patents world-wide application.
2008 12 Completing Supply Chain and Luminous Efficiency testing of CPFL.
2009 03 Launching CPFL “Disruptive Technology” seminar at Westin Hotel, Taipei.
2009 05 Signed up the first Supply Hub contract with GT Co. in Taiwan.
2010 06 Set up a wholly-owned subsidiary company "Santoma (Hong Kong) Ltd." in Hong Kong.
2011 05 Obtained CPFL patent in P.R. China
2011 05 Obtained CPFL patent in Taiwan
2015 Specialized in enhancement to electrode's efficiency; streamlined and standardized the production flow and yield rate control; continued talks on potential patent licensing.